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• 5/23/2013

Daily Rewards

Right guys. Anyone else not getting their proper daily rewards for the pvp event? Its weird, I only keep getting 300 credits (both yesterday and today) even though I'm winning over 50 fights a day.

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• 5/26/2013
my daily rewards are working fine. got couple assualt mech iii in my general inbox
• 5/27/2013

I believe it was because I continued to play while daily rewards were being calculated, and it messed up the count (taking the new battles as the result rather than the accumulated one.) lesson learnt. don't play til once calculation starts and only after rewards are earned lol. thanks for the response :)

• 5/27/2013

Ya, no problem. They had the same problem when they first started the reg pvp daily rewards. So they will evenually fix it. 

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